Mission : Eiffel

Case App design, UX/UI design
subject The Eiffel Tower
Year EPSAA, 2019

One of our latest subjets involve the Eiffel tower. As a French, and an almost Paris inhabitant, well... Pressure!

So I rolled with my goofy spirit and my disturbed mind, and decided to work on the future of the Eiffel tower. How exciting! What will it be in 1000 years?

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The creation processus was pretty simple : I had to invent a background for the Eiffel tower; an evolutive background which will focus each time on a major period for this monument, starting from 2019 to 3019. I delimited 6 huge dots on the timeline, and began to write.

It soon appeared that the app I was working on will be pretty simple, almost only stories on the Eiffel tower. I followed this design by applying some gentle colors and very light UX/UI as I didn't really needed it. Last but not least, I created a few world maps to keep my stories real.

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“On Eucathia 37-B, known as planet Earth in ancient history, the Eiffel tower is still attracting a lot of visitors. They are coming from all the galaxies to see the 8th Wonder, and its Memoria associated with it.”

Gabrielle Tebbekah, Eiffel memoria team