Saveurs et Cie

Case Brand identity, Packaging
values organic, quality, regional
Company Saveurs et Cie

In 2017, I did an internship in a small entreprise in the South of France. They were producting and selling locally-made, organic epicerie fine in the regional markets.

But they had a problem : as everything was homemade, the packaging were all differents from a product to another. They needed a graphic designer to harmonize the products together, while refreshing the design.

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In my opinion, it was a nice internship. A bit messy, but so nice! I was alone and I had to work on my own with just the productor to give me some kind of directions.

I finally managed to recreate every packaging for them, for a total of more or less 50 differents labels for their products! It was an intense, but satisfying job.

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