Rendez Vous Dans l'Espace

Case Illustration and Motion design
values Weird, fun, music-related
Year EPSAA, 2019

For my final project this year, I wanted to practice my After Effects skills.. I decided to make a video clip for a belgian new-wave band called Telex.

Telex is known to be quite ironic and to make fun of everything. I wanted to keep it that way, and worked on their song named Rendez Vous Dans l'Espace.

Image placeholder

I started by drawing everything on Photoshop, then i proceeded to animate all my objects and creatures on After Effects. It took me quite some time ! Then i had to matc everything in rythm with the music, which is a solid 4:20min.

This work definitely boosted my motion design skills, and I found it rather enjoyable to coordinate every details with some nice music. Obviously though, it is still a fanmade videoclip, and I would have to work a lot more to make it really clean.