L'Oeil ou la Poule

Case Animation
subject Reality, realities
Year EPSAA, 2018

This was my first project on my post-degree class. We had to use a software we were not comfortable with. I decided to go with Adobe Animate, which I didn't know at all.

Our subject was on Reality/realities. As I was heading to work on Animate for the first time, I realised that you actually need a tight script to know where you're going on this software!

In my opinion, reality is a matter of perception. I wanted to work on the idea that when you see a hen, I might see an egg! Or in another way, a gorgeous flower can be a visual reminder of a broken heart... and so much more.

As a result, I managed with my newly-acquired animation skills to realise an 18 seconds video about fast-changing stuff. Not bad for a noob, eh?

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“Learning how to Adobe Animate in 2 weeks? Can't be that hard right?”

My foolish self, on the first months