Braille Bricks

Case Web design
values Empathetic, educational, colorful
Company Fundaçao Dorina Nowill para cegos

The Fundaçao Dorina Nowill para cegos is a brazilian association for the rights of blind and visually impaired people. In order to make the blind children to interact with the others, they developped the Braille Bricks project.

Braille Bricks are huge Lego bricks printed with the braille alphabet on it. It is a fun way to teach and learn the language !

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It is an overwhelming project, but they need help to raise money. The easiest way was to create a website promoting Braille Bricks, because with enough awareness, people will know about it, and eventually donate to help them.

The Braille Bricks project have important values to associate with : empathety, kindness, educational.. but also as colorful as the bricks ! My work on the website respected thoses values, as I also focused on a graphic representation of the link between the blinds and visually impaired children and the others.

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