About Me

Hello you, I'm a French Graphic designer!I graduated in June 2018, ending a two-years degree in Graphic design. To complete my knowledge, I ended up doing a post-degree class at the EPSAA in Paris.

Illustration, graphic design and more

My skills are graphic design, illustration, communication and brand identity. I'm also okay with UX/UI, a bit of web design and motion design. Due to spending some time in Ireland and USA, I can also proudly say that I am able to express myself both in french and in english !

I'm strongly interested in videogames - including esport, which I'm passionately following every year - , litterature and comics - especially SF, Horror and Fantasy -, ancient History and fine arts.



Either traditional or digital, I highly enjoy to draw things, mostly Lovecraft inspired illustrations.


Promoting your brand on social medias has never been so easy.

Brand identity

Thanks to my studies, I'm able to make your brand matters.

Web design, UX/UI

If social medias are important, it is still good to have a nice website and an app.

Motion design

During my post-degree year, I learned about After Effects. Lifechanging, uh?

Community management

From social medias to goodies design, everything is good for your community.

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